Millennials Having Less Sex Than Last Generation

And they accuse us of being the morally loose generation!

According to TV, advertisements, celebrity gossip, and pretty much any media outlet you can imagine, sex is everywhere. You can’t have an ad for razors without a ripped, handsome man standing in front of the mirror without his shirt. You also can’t have a female lead in a show without her having a love interest of some kind. Also, Victoria’s Secret exists. Case closed.

For some odd reason, however, this is not translating into reality that well. According to a recent study, Millennials (those born in the ’80s and ’90s) are having way less sex than the previous generation… there’s a joke about how they f*cked up the economy, but that would be too easy to make.

Time Magazine reports: …they’re twice as likely to be virgins, compared to GenXers—people born in the 1960s and ’70s—when they were the same age.

“A few years ago, I would have been very surprised at this result,” says study author Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University and author of the book Generation Me. It certainly seems surprising, given Twenge’s recent data that same-sex hookup rates have doubled in the U.S. and young Americans are more sexually free and less traditional. But other recent research, and some from the CDC, all points in this direction: that young adults these days have fewer sexual partners and are starting to have sex later.

Twenge and her team wondered if people who weren’t having any sex at all were contributing to this sexless trend. So they analyzed data from a nationally representative group of 26,707 adults, focusing on GenX’ers, Millennials and the generation after them, which some people call iGen. Fifteen percent of young adults ages 20-24 who were born in the 1990s said they had no sex partners since age 18, while just 6% of GenX’ers admitted the same when recalling the romps of their early twenties.

So what is the cause of this? Sex is supposed to be the end all, be all, isn’t it? Take out religion and our only purpose on Earth is to procreate. Why are Millennials so bad at it, then?

The professor who lead this study says that there are no concrete answers, but she has some ideas. According to her, it has been a trend the past few generations of just putting things off until later.

“There’s been a general pattern over the last few generations for people to become adults or cross adult milestones later: things like getting married, having a child, settling into a stable career, buying a house,” she says. An extended adolescence used to mean that people were starting to have sex but putting off marriage and kids. “Now, it seems Millennials and iGen are putting off everything—including sex,” she said.

Other possible causes include another trend of “safety” being the priority. Underage drinking is at an all-time low, also. There is also the fact that, in this digital age, people are not meeting face to face. As we all know, being in the same room is an important first step to banging.

I, too, have a theory about this trend: My generation isn’t screwing our brains out because we’re just too busy. We have school, internships, job applications, part-time jobs, moving across the country in search of work, other family matters, pets, trying to save money for an apartment, you name it! Just imagine how much of a time/money suck a significant other, or worse, a kid, would be! We can’t afford it!


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  1. Admirer says:

    Also many young people have parents who have trained their children up in the way they should go and the children have learned from them a love and respect for God and the values He has instilled in them.


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