“Clown Lives Matter” March Cancelled

With the way things are in America right now, sure, why not have clown hysteria be a thing?

As some people may have noticed, there have been lots of stories of “clowns” wandering the streets of the United States late at night, scaring people and chasing them. What probably started as an innocent prank has turned into a really strange fad. It has become so widespread that some places are no longer selling clown costumes for Halloween.

This has obviously had a negative affect on the image of America’s clown community (no, actual clowns, not Congress.) People who spend their days trying to earn a living as clowns are definitely not being helped by these Killer Clown pranksters.

To try and reverse this bad image, in Tuscon, Arizona, a “Clown Lives Matter” peace march was being organized. It had cheerful and totally not creepy flyers such as this:


Yeah, “come get a hug.” That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I read that!

Of course, this is 2016 and we can’t have nice things, so the death threats quickly rolled in. Yes, death threats, against a clown parade. The parade’s organizer took to social media to break the bad news:


And so, all the clowns and their protest banners piled back into a single tiny car and drove away.



One thought on ““Clown Lives Matter” March Cancelled

  1. george mckinney says:

    “And that’s the way it is” as Ed Murrow always used to say way back in the day(1950-60).


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